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I have signed a few leases in the past 2 years in the Eagle Ford Shale. All I have is a copy of the lease agreement and maybe the cover letters from the landman. Where on the TRCC website do I check for information first? I am curious as to what progress has been made, etc. I do not have the lease numbers, etc. Just the name and abstract # of the surveys. Thanks

First go to

Click on RRC's Public GIS Map Viewer. In the navig panel beside the map, click on Survey/Abstract. In the popup, from the description in your lease, enter the County, then Abstract, Block, and Section numbers. (I leave out the Survey Name because there are various ways of entering those - abbreviations, spellings, etc. - and it has to be 100% correct.) Now click on Search, then in the results, click on Map.

That will take you to a close-in view of the section on the map. Zoom Out and use the navig. panels to look around the section for any symbols. (Click on Legend in the navig. panel to see what the symbols mean.) You can keep clicking on symbols, and the results that pop up, to discover what's happening there, if anything. (If there's a solid green dot, that means a producing oil well. You can click on it to pursue production results.)

Good luck!