Trouble with Petro-Hunt

Hello, I am an investor in 5H and a fractional owner in four other wells in Burke and Divide County. Yet Petro Hunt is paying me the same low mineral right rate for all wells, but I should have been paid a higher rate while the investment well was in production. Correct?


The answers may be found in the investment prospectus with the investment manager. Unless your investment manager has a before and after payout provision in the deal, the "mineral right rate" may not ever change.

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John, you have two threads about this, I suggest you read both and delete one so you can keep it all together.

If you paid in advance your proportionate drilling costs, you should be receiving much more than a leased or non-consenting interests rate.

At this moment I don't know if you actually participated or not. People actually come on here and claim to have participated in a well when they were leased or non-consent. You are going to have to spell out your situation to get the best advise.