Trinity Operating Lola 1-4-9h in Hughes County Ok

I’m trustee of a family trust that owns about 80 acres of minerals in Sec. 9 7N 10E and have noticed that Trinity Operating has drilled and put into production the Lola 1-4-9h (API number 06324758) as of June of last year. I haven’t received any information on this well, including division orders (and obviously no royalty payments). Just curious if anyone has anyone received anything related to this well? I’ve tried contacting Trinity but their email server at their owner relations email address keeps kicking my emails out and they won’t answer or respond via their phone number.

Also, I noted that in their unitization filing in Dec. of 2018, they indicated they planned another 4 Lola wells for that same unit that’s comprised of Sections 4 and 9. Does anyone know what their current plans are? I’ve seen no new drilling permits for Trinity since at least the end of last year. Thanks!

Looks like production started just this year (2019) So far, Feb, Mar and Apr. You should be receiving a check soon I would think. Keep trying to get a hold of them to get your DO documents. In any event, royalties should be in suspense until they get their DO up to date.

Also, here is a quote from M. Barnes on this forum. It’s quite good advice.

“I usually send the operators a certified return mail receipt letter reminding them that they owe me 12% interest on any late payments. That usually gets them moving!”

Check out my prior post regarding Trinity here:

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Thanks for the response - I’ve checked the Oklahoma Gross Production database and it shows production commenced June of 2018, with gas first sales to Nextera and first oil sales (in July) to Sunoco. There appears to be some difference between the two systems as the Corporation Commission shows it was shut-in January and the tax commission shows it was shut-in in March…The April production number is the same in the two systems though. I believe what is shown in the screen print you provided is only 2019 production.

I guess that’s what got me a bit confused…the Dora well’s went into production in Dec 2018 and division orders have been distributed. The Lola went into production in June 2018 and I haven’t received anything from them…

And just to fix a mistake in my original post, I have seen a few new drilling permits being issued to Trinity in Hughes county this year…just none for the additional Lola wells crossing sections 4 and 9.

My minerals are in the DORA WELLS (five of them). I currently receive Royalties on Dora I. Four additional wells have been drilled by Trinity. I am currently waiting for my D.O. (Division Order). Trinity response to me on June 17, '19: QUOTE: “I am the Division Order Analyst working on the Dora Wells. I just received the DOTO’S and will be setting the pay decks up. I will also add your request to accounting for the interest.” UNQUOTE! My minerals are S21/07N/10E Hughes County, OK, Leta C. MONTANA (Big Sky and Grizzly Bear Country)

Just an update for anyone else wondering about this well…finally spoke to Trinity and they said they were awaiting a title opinion and estimated checks would be distributed in about 45 days…which would be about 400 days after first production! They also said that they would pay the statutory interest only if requested in writing.

I received notices today that they cancelled their request to drill other Lola wells.

It’s been well over 45 days and still no money.