Trinity delayed?

Usually get production reports and monthly check statements around the 22nd to 25th every month from trinity on the wells. Any reason why weve seen nothing and the check is usually here on the 2nd of the month. Any changes have occured in anything?

When that happens, the first thing I do is check the last check and see if it was close to my minimum from the Division order. If your minimum is $100 (or $25), then you might not have enough in royalties to meet the minimum.

The next thing I do is check the OCC well records list to see if the wells have been sold to someone else. That happens a lot. Test

Another option is that the wells might have been shut in for a frac nearby, If that is the case, patience that the wells resume in the next month or so.

Another option is that the mail is really late. I received a check three weeks late last month. The PO has rearranged their delivery routes and some are noticeably slower now. I am seeing that with several companies.

If you don’t receive royalties next month, then call the operator revenue hot line and ask. Be ready with your statement from the last check and your owner number. (Save your statements for seven years for IRS purposes.)