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I have 150+ acres between Friday and Holly in the western part of Trinity County leased to XTO Energy (Exxon/Mobil). I have noticed a lot of drilling activities between Holly and Lovelady in Houston County along FM 1280 about 5 miles from my place. Does anyone know if they have any plans to move eastward into Trinity County? Are those Lovelady wells producing?

So far it seems very quiet in SW Houston. A lot of people are waiting to hear official word on production. It’s very exciting!

Agreed. Those guys in District 3 know what's up.

I am a shareholder in AJ Lucas of Australia. This company acquired a NPI of 10% for 87.5 million two years ago throught mr. Tom E. Knowlton. The geologist involved is Charlie Meeks.

Currently no activities have been reported, and everyone is kept in the dark, with the exception of some carrot on a stick 'activity to start this quarter' a number of times.

How promising is Trinity County for shale gas, or shale oil. The play has been described by aj lucas as a potential shale liquids play.

Does anyone know about this deal? Who is actively pusueing shale gas and shale oil prospects? What do you know about the people / companies mentioned? What is fair pricing for leases ?

Clearly it is early days, but slowly some type of activity is developing in Trinity County.

aj lucas / mr. knowles have been focussing on w1 permitting area of the site which details recent approvals for wells. In trinity county (455) there has been no drills permitted since leor's drill which was a vertical exploration to depths we are concerned with >12,000ft. Seems they had some problems getting the well permitted as it had "lateral"bottom hole.
Aj Lucas / Tom E Knowles are supposed to be drilling some 10-15km directly to the sw from them. When they talk of success nearby, this is who I think they is talking about.

Is anyone up to speed on this info?

Recently received an offer from XTO Energy (Exxon/Mobil) to lease my mineral rights in Trinity County. Can anyone advise me of the current lease rates in the area?

Jeff, There has been some discussion on this on the Houston County group. You might want to look at this one.

IMHO - a lot will ride on the success/failure of the three recent wells being drilled by XTO in the Pennington area. If they end up being good wells you might want to concentrate more on the royalties % than the bonus.

My family ownes minerals on 2 large properties in Trinity County. Both are near the river. Over the past few months, we have had many calls asking if the land is leased. Obviously there is much interest in the area. Can anyone give some insight on what’s going on? I hear about Pennington and Lovelady but there seems to be very little discussion about the Trinity area compared to the call volume we are receiving.

Mostly “independent land men”. I’m not sure who most of them are with. I got a call on Friday from “John Roberts Co” out of Jasper. There has been talk of XTO and EOG in the area. I think most of the calls are checking on land that we leased to RAM energy about 5 years back. I figured with that many people out looking in he area that thre would be more chatter on line.

Any developments (leasing, drilling, production, etc) in the Pennington area?

We own mineral rights on 70 acres in the Pennington Area and are open to leasing the minerals out. If anyone knows of any company that is leasing mineral in our area, please let me know. Thanks.

I'm not sure about the Pennington area but there has been a lot of activity in Trinity County and now in Walker County as well. Ram energy, EOG and I think St. Marys are in the area. There have been a couple of wells drilled in the Riverside area and 1 between Trinity and Weldon. Seems like they are waiting to see results from those wells. There has also been a bunch of drilling supply traffic coming through Trinity lately. Baker Hughes has set up a drilling fluids location in Trinity so things are starting to look hopeful for the entire area. Try to speak with some of the mineral owners connecting with your land.

Anyone heard of any new developments in Trinity County? Looks like there is plenty of action in Houston County but silent in Trinity. I know there was a lot of land leased the last couple of years but I have not heard of any completed wells in the county. Seems like there is a big void in this county. Any insight?

In Nov. 2014 Native Royalty Co. LLC offered to buy my mineral rights for 100.00 per mineral acre. This was on the Jose Padro Survey, Land owner Dominy. A-32 I think. Also XTO has renewed lease with other owners on same property, and did not renew with me. I called watch dog group National Assoc. of Royalty Owners 1/800/558/0557 for information help. I will appreciate any suggestions. Juanita Rogers


Trying to locate a energy company that my Aunt received a royalty check from. The company name is Leor Energy Indigo, LP. The phone number I have has been disconnected. Property Name is Forestar #1. operator name is Leor Energy Indigo LP

This weekend I noticed a new well being drilled off Evans Lane (2320 Evans Ln. according to Google Maps) near Friday. It is on the Maria Lousa Boden tract which is the same as mine. Actually I heard the activity from my front porch and went to locate it. The location signs say that it is Basin Drilling Rig #101. According to RRC the well (RRC #30518) is permitted by Herd Producing Co., Inc., and referred to as "Rink" . Permit states that it is a 12,000 ft. Oil and Gas well. Does anyone have information on this?

Wildcat well:


Clint Liles

When a well is drilled and producing, what distance away from the well receives royalties?


Since it's a vertical well it's probably on a 40 acre site and looks like Trinity Timber owns all the minerals. Click on the link to the approved drilling permit for the 'Rink #1' and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Plat Map.

Clint Liles