Triggers for new Division Order

What are some of the triggers that cause the issuance of a new Division Order? Does every new Division Order have to be signed? Thank you!

If a well is sold, that can trigger a new DO. Or new title work changes the percentages of all or some of the owners. Some states require signing in order to get paid, others do not. I prefer to sign to give a paper trail for my heirs. I also prefer to use the NADOA form and not the one from the operator unless it is in the same format as that one. You want to make sure that the DO does not change the terms of the lease. I also set my minimum payment to $25 instead of the common $100.

I received a DO and turned it over to an attorney to check it out”. Evidently, he did a bad job or simply made a mistake and did not inform me of the changes in the terms and told me to go ahead and sign. I did so and signed away 3/4ths of my royalties. Be careful who you trust.