Transferring/Updating Deed & Lease

My uncle and i each own 50% of my late grandmothers mineral interest in blaine and kingfisher county. All the current operators have their records updated with our names and owner numbers but the original Deed and Lease are still in my grandmothers name. How do we go about getting that updated? and will it be one lease with both our names or do we get our own lease with the specific amount of mineral acres we each have? Thanks.

You need to effectively transfer title out of your grandmother’s name. Was probate filed in some county in same state or another state? If not, the process can be more complicated. It is the deed records that matter. If the lease never expired, then it continues on in official names of original lessor and lessee, with proper evidence of record title to minerals being transferred. You should take all records to an oil and gas attorney to help you.


If you have production, it will fall under the name of the person who leased the property, like your grandmother and no new lease will be needed. If the lease has run out and no production, than your uncle will sign a lease and you will sign a lease. Both of these leases can have their own clauses in them.

You stated that the deed is still in your grandmother's name. Either the minerals won't probated or no one filed new deeds. You need to get an oil and gas attorney.