Transferring ownership

Anyone know of an attorney in Kingfisher who can transfer ownership to descendants for several small lease tracts? Newbie here.

For instance, my grandmother was listed in a pooling order (Section 2, Township 17 N, Range 7 West), but the Amended Notice was sent to my Grandmother c/o my brother. Ownership should have gone from my grandmother to my grandfather, then to his two daughters (my mother and aunt), and then from one daughter (my mother) to a trust, and then to 4 brothers.

Some paying leases were listed in the trust and have been transferred, but several other tracts(?) have not been. Just wondering if a lawyer is the way to get this done the quickest. I'm afraid we are being pooled in several of these.



I do not know an attorney in Kingfisher, so maybe someone on the forum can help. You might look at the BLOG tab above. Several attorneys blog there and I don't think they have to be in Kingfisher, just licensed in OK.

If you are being pooled, you must pay close attention to the time frames. You only have 20 days from a pooling order to make your selection. If your family gets along, then go ahead and make the pooling choice since it will take longer to get the legal part straightened out. Do no pick the 1/8th option. Never go less than 3/16ths. I usually go for the 1/5th, but it depends upon the area.

Thanks M. So you're saying to make the pooling choice, don't respond at all? By not responding we will be pooled automatically? And, once we are pooled, do we still get a bonus and royalty? Do we have to actively seek out the bonus and royalty? And I suppose that depends on whether a well was completed or not.

If you do not respond at all, you will be assigned the most unfavorable option. You will get the 1/8th royalty and a larger per acre bonus. But in the long run, the bonus money is piddly compared to the ultimate royalties, so you want a higher royalty amount. Whomever has the authority should make the decision. Personally, I would take the 1/5th (some cash) or 1/4th (no cash) if offered since the payout in the long run would most likely be much higher.

The amounts being offered in the adjacent section 11 or $2750 1/8th (don't do), $2500 3/16th, $2250 1/5th. Sec 12 was pooled at $1250 1/8th $1150 3/16ths $1000 1/5th, $0 1/4th. Since the well is planned to be drilled in 2 & 11, your offers should be identical. Keep an eye open for the pooling orders. The horizontal exception was done on March 3. The permit for the well has been issued.