Transferring Mineral Rights


I’m looking for some assistance in transferring ownership of mineral rights in Blaine county. From what I’ve been able to gather a quit claim deed needs to be filed. I downloaded the form but don't feel confident that I will do everything correctly. Does anyone know of resources, people, or firms that deal with these transfers?

I'm located in Oklahoma City so if I can avoid driving out there, I would prefer that. I really appreciate your help!

John Wilson

Lawyers, landmen, real estate agents, abstract companies, land brokerages, and just about every other version of a land professional can help you along.

You do not need to drive out there yourself. You can send the deed with a check in the amount of the filing fees, they will file the deed and send the original back to you.

We used a trust attorney, paid a small fee and it was all handled perfectly. We live in Tulsa and never had to travel out to Blaine county for anything.