Transferring mineral interest

I cannot find the legal description for mineral interest in lea county New Mexico So I was wondering can I useThe legal description on the division orders To transfer of property to my name to get the royalties it said property doi doidescription and legal description I will be so grateful if you have to answer🙏

Maybe. It kind of depends on what the Division order says. also. the division order typically refers to one well and I assume you want to convey the mineral interest for all present and future wells. Assuming this is important to you, I would suggest you secure professional advice instead of just relying on the free advice on this website.

New Mexico is a grantor/grantee state so you can do an omnibus conveyance and deed "all right, title, and interest in [Blank] County, New Mexico. That is sufficient to convey any interest owned by the grantor in the county. That being said, it is helpful if you can also include a legal description as it will be easier for people to find the deed. In this situation, I like to convey “all right, title, and interest in [Blank] County, New Mexico, including the following specific lands and wells” and then list the lands and wells you know about.

Your post indicates that you are trying to vest title into your own name, not trying to convey the minerals to someone else. If so, then the current owner must execute a deed into your name. You should be able to find the legal description from the deed into the current owner. As a side note, the legal description on the division order is often abbreviated for purposes of the operator and may not be complete as to the minerals owned by someone. And be aware that an deed referencing all interests in a county could convey other minerals, surface and other real property interests that the owner may want to keep. It is best to consult an oil and gas attorney qualified in New Mexico to be sure that this is done properly.