Transfer Ownership of Rights

I’d like to transfer my mineral rights from a trust to me. The income is low and I could eliminate filing tax return on the trust which eats 30% of the money.

Is this something I can do online or would I have to hire someone.


David, you will need a trustee’s deed and a memorandum showing that the person signing the Trustee’s deed has that authority. So I’m assuming that you are the successor trustee.

In the meantime you might want to visit with a CPA, my understanding is that the trust is taxed unless income is paid out to the beneficiary. Then it is taxed at that individual’s rate.

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Richard- I believe it matters whether it is a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust. The first is a pass through trust taxed at the individual level (beneficiary) the other has its own TIN & the Trust pays the tax. Something is amiss if the property pays very little & the tax bill is 30%. This is not legal advice, just an opinion based on experience.

Thanks Todd & Richard - It is a Protective Trust in Missouri, I can change ownership. My accountant has a $400 minimum on trust preparation, and on a low year I may only get $2500 in royalties - so so with the tax and prep fee it can be 30%

Does a “trustee’s deed” already exist and I need a copy of it, or is it something I have prepared?


Todd, great points. That is why I’m not an accountant.

You can prepare the Document yourself, but I would strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer so it is done properly. There are no “templates” that I am aware of as every Trust is different.

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