Transfer order questions

Hi, We received a transfer order from company RSP Permian. It transfers from Deceased Grandfather to myself. It has an transfer order effective date of 1/1/2012 to 12/31/2999? Is this normal? The transfer starts out to say the undersigned severally and not jointly certifies …ect to be owners of … Then below in agreement order says the undersigned parties agree to account solely and directly between themselves for any account balances, production and/or revenue after effective date of the change of ownership, but prior the effective date of the transfer by payor? I don’t exactly know what they mean by this? I also do not feel comfortable signing it as well? What does this mean exactly? Thanks everyone!

Have you formally filed the probate for your grandfather to you? You might want to call the operator of the well and find out what documents they need for title purposes. I would the NADOA Division order form if it were me. If this a new company taking over from an older company or the same company just transferring the royalties to your pay status? Does the transfer form have the phrase on it “this does not change any terms of the lease”? If you need the link for the NADOA form to compare language, it is attached.
0_NADOA_Division Order Model Blank Form 2017v 2.pdf (78.2 KB)