Transfer of ownership in lease

Received a transfer of ownership form of my royalty interest from Oxy to JR. Oil Ltd out of Tulsa ok. The letter states that I should check my decimal interest after I sign on this and provide a W9 once I receive my first check. Should this company not have listed this in their letter? Or am I being to suspicious?? I would think they should all ready know my percentage. Thanks for the help.

It is typical. The buying company inherits a “payment deck” from the selling company. They assume that the decimal is correct and just start cutting checks based upon the deck of information. It is always up to the mineral owner to verify. I have found that after being sold multiple times, some of my decimal interest amounts were not as “correct” as they used to be. I always confirm or correct in writing and leave a paper trail for my family for the future. Nothing to be suspicious about, just verify.

Does in make sense on the signature line it states this person is a landman? Thank you.

It is probably okay, but to be sure, call the Division Order analyst at Oxy and verify that they did sell to the second company. If you are in OK, you can also check your well(s) on the OCC well records site and look for a Form 1073 that will confirm the transfer. Look up by the surface location or the name of the well(s).

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