Transfer of mineral rights ownership

My father owned mineral rights in Mannington WV., Marion County, he passed away and I have been paying the taxes on the property or mineral rights, it’s only a few dollars a year. How would I go about getting this transfered into my name? There was no will and my mother is also deceased. I don’t even know where to start. Thank you, Robin

You start by hiring an experienced probate attorney in WV in the county of your father’s residence.

I’m not even sure if it’s worth hiring an attorney. The fees are probably more than the mineral rights are worth. I’ll contact an attorney and find out as much as I can, then make a decision. Thank you for your reply.


I just happened to be in the WVDEP well mapping program when I read your post. Here is the current well development around Mannington, WV. The red means the wells are active.

Hope this helps you decide if it is worth it.


This would probably help if I knew where it was actually located. All I have is map/parcel number on the tax bill, but thank you for trying to help. I looked for Campbell Run on the map, I thought it may be near there, but I didn’t see it. Thank you, Robin

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