Transfer of mineral ownership upon death of parents

How do the heirs go about transferring mineral ownership from deceased parents to themselves?

What state are the minerals in? It might vary by state, by county, and by company (if leased).

Did your parents have wills?

Requirements vary from state to state where minerals are located. If minerals are in Texas, you can file a copy of the probate records in each county. If minerals are in Oklahoma, New Mexico, etc. then there are ancillary probate is used. If they died a long time ago and no wills were filed for probate, then there are alternative processes. You should consult your attorney.

Sorry for your loss. If there is no Trust, Transfer on Death or Joint Tenancy; then you are probably looking at probate if property is in Oklahoma. Texas may offer more flexible choices.

As everyone else has said, it depends on the state where the minerals are located. It is very different between CA and OK. If in OK you'll need a probate. For royalties you'll need to file a certificate of heirship.

I have a similar issue/question…Parents deeded property December 1946 as follows:

…NW quarter of NW quarter of Section 33 Township six, Range six containing forty acres more or less according to the recorded plat Grady County, Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Any suggestions for qualified Lawyer? Landman? The Parnell Family inherited other land parcels in that timeframe. Some parcels are under active drilling now. Can’t do too much searching as a novice. Needing advice and honesty.

The landman I've been using for the past year is RYAN STORY, located in Oklahoma City, He's been working on deeds and other matters (and still is) for me in Kingfisher County. You can contact him through this forum. Go up to the pull down menus, click on "landman" and then look for R STORY, send him a message, add as friend and then you can private message him. He gives good advice and his rates are good. Hope that helps. By the way, I think he knows lawyers, buyers, etc. that are knowledgeable in the oil business.

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Buddy Cotten

Thank you John!

Appreciate this input! Thank you very much Buddy!