Transfer of mineral interests

I am a rookie in the oil and gas business but have recently aquired a piece of property that has producing minerals. the money is minimal but i know the gas companies are making runs at aquiring the mineral interests of my neighbors. i just closed on this place and am curious how i go about getting the checks from the operator switched over to my name and if there is anything that i need to do at the courthouse to make sure this title is showing my name so that the landmen will be negotiating with me, not communicating with the former owner. please advise.

Hey Josh, My name is Michael and I am starting a new company. I have 17 years old and gas experience offshore and onland as a lead production operator. My company is called Acquired trust and I am going into business to work on the land owners behalf. I would like to talk to you about how I can protect your interests in your proper or leases. My company will make scheduled vistits on your behalf to do visual inspections for safety, enviromental and production discrepencies. I would then input all information and email you the final reports. I have seen many unscruplues dealings where the land owners are not getting their far share. If you are interested give me a shout. 281-573-5094.

Thanks you for your time.

Michael Drewry