Transfer of mineral deed to my son - minerals in Montrail County North Dakota

I am the owner of a mineral deed which I would like to legally transfer to my son. I am currently receiving royalties which I would like to now go to my son. How do I proceed? Whom do I need to contact?

You have two ways to transfer these minerals to your son. One is a "Quit Claim" deed which is somewhat and a form can be obtained online. Probably better would be a newly written Mineral Deed with a warrenty clause conveying all the interest in the tract to your son. You can google Quit Claim Deed and view various responses on this website. I think a new Mineral Deed would be much better but I would have this instrument created by an oil and gas attorney. Good luck!

A Mineral Deed would be better to give your son marketable title. Also, if you have an existing Deed of Trust or other instrument of indebtedness, depending upon whether or not those mineral were collateralized at the time you executed the loan, you might need to get a Partial Release from the Bank to you BEFORE executing the Mineral Deed.