Transfer of Land and Mineral Right

Hello! My husband passed in first part of year in 2016. My daughter and I took my husbands will to a lawyer who we thought was going to transfer the house, land and minerals in my name as stated in the will.

However, when we get to court, we read over the papers and she left out the land and minerals in the Muniment of Title. She gets very upset with us since ‘she said we did not explain this to her’. Me and my daughter both look at each other because we know we went over the land and where it was located in Texas.

The attorney then states she will have to ask Judge if she can add a Supplemental Application To Probate Will As Muniment of Title. Which the Judge allowed.

We then go to file papers in County Records in the County where we live and file the Order Admitting Will to Probate of Title had the Real Property and Minerals crossed out.

She then has a Supplemental Application To Probate Will As Muniment of Title with all the correct information.

We then take this to the County where the land and minerals are located. A few days later I check to see if it is Recorded online on It only shows my house being transferred and nothing else.

I call the County Clerk and she states it will take about 5-6 months for this to show up. Is this normal to take that long for land and minerals to transfer to my name.

The reason I ask is that I need to transfer the oil royalties soon as it still shows in my husbands name and I tried to deposit a check but he is no longer on the account???

Should I just send the paperwork I have to the oil company or wait until it shows on the county records?

Thank you for any help possible.