Transfer mineral rights in Weld County

My family has mineral right shares in Weld county, Colorado. These shares are in my dad's name but he passed way 10 years ago. These shares were to go to my mom and she passed last December.

I'm trying to transfer these shares and obtain deeds but have hit a wall and I'm not sure what form to use to get these shares to myself and my three siblings.

Can anyone help me with this?

I can! Did you file for probate after your mother passed? If not, you will need to do that before you can transfer it to your name and have title clear. An attorney will have to do that for you in Weld County. I am familiar with the process, so if you need more info, add me as a friend and message me. I can give you the steps and what you will need to do, so you have a good idea of how long it will take.

If you already did probate, you will just need a deed. I have one from a previous sale on my computer. You could probably modify it. I can send it to you if youd like.

We used an attorney in Weld County. Even though my mother died in Arizona, we still had to probate her will in Weld County to preserve our rights.

Thanks, Cole

I have already been through probates for both my parents and just need to transfer the shares to us four kids and obtain deeds for these. My siblings are interested in selling the shares and I understand they need titles and or deeds to do this.

I have found three different forms to do this but I'm uncertain weather to use a Quick Claim deed, a Personal Representative Deed, or a Mineral Deed with limited warranty, or something else.

Personal representative deed.

If you were the executor, you will put something like this....

Tom Fahrebruch, personal rep for the estate of (parents name)....

I buy minerals, I can send you the deed you would need.