Transfer a living heir's mineral rights to a grandchild in Montana

My grd parents left Montana mineral rights to their 8 children in 1966. The heirs have been rcvng small royalty checks since then. Last yrs’ gross for each was $243.79. I have a legal desc for the Bowes Sawtooth Unit, from Citation Oil and Gas Corp, but no legal documents. Am needing to trnsf one of the living heirs’ ownership portion to a grd child. Does anyone have advice on how to do this? Thank you!


The legal document regarding these mineral rights should be on file at the County Clerk's Office located in the county where these minerals are located. To give you a possible solution to your question, type in "Quit Claim Deed" in the box located at the top of this forum and read the posts related to this type of deed. I think from what you have stated, this legal instrument might be applicable in your case.

Charles, Thank you for your kind response to my question. I will try this avenue.