Trailhead Exploration offer to buy

Just received a call from Trailhead Exploration to buy my leased minerals. 5 net acres for 23,000. Make me wonder what’s up. Me and my family have 39 acres with 3/16th royality we all have equal shares. We all recieved the same offer.

Who did you lease to? They probably expect that operator to start drilling wells on your tract.

Rd Williams we are leased for 3 years. 3/16th Royaltie

I have been offered $900 acre for 9 Acres IN section 5-8S-3E and for 8 \acres in Section 8-8S-3E for a 3 year period with a 2 year option and royalty of 3/16. I don’t know if that is a good offer or not. Can someone help?

Drop the option or ask for twice the $ for the extra 2 yrs.

Thanks Todd…I’m new to this so any advice is appreciated.

What’d you wind up doing? Did you counteroffer?

First offers are usually low to what they will really go for. Also ask for the 1/5th and 1/4 offer. The terms of the lease are more important than the bonus. You will need to negotiate for better wording on many of the clauses as the current ones are in the operator favor.

Have a question. We are leased thru Xto. Recieved a certified letter from Blue Baron representing Trailhead. With well proposal with three options. Wondering what this means sense iam already leased.

This is a form letter that comes out before the pooling. Your lease may have been filed after their mailing list came out. You do not have to do anything with it. It usually offers working interest option for folks. If you do get a pooling letter, then you need to find out if your lease was actually filed at the courthouse. You can look it up on the website.

I believe what’s going on is before my grandpa passed he transferred all his mineral to us 5 kids. I called Rd Williams and told them what we was doing. They told me the lease we had went with are transfer to us. They have all the paperwork also in my file. Everything is filed at the court house they just haven’t looked very far into it I guess.

Has anyone heard anything on this area. Trailhead exploration has drilled. Heard they are fracting…

When the well is online, it will be posted at this website. Usually about four months behind. You will get a division order about five months after first sales.