Tract meaning

Signed a modification of lease within Track # 5-22-6, et Al. Question is the meaning of:. et meaning of: al.
Because I have a map showing the track but no lease has that section except a modified lease to combine n drill horizontal, then pool. Would it just be edging or the boarder of another track? I’m confusing sure of! This is in West Virginia.

What county in West Virginia?

This is in Tyler County WV.

Moved your question over to the Tyler County, WV category. The proper term is “tract”. There are some helpful folks on the county that may be able to help you.

Probably the current tax map tract 5-22-6 is not the same outline as the area encompassed by the original lease that your ancestor signed and you modified. Sometimes the original tract has parts of it sold, maybe just the surface, then some of those tracts are owned by the same person, with other contiguous tracts, and are recombined into a new tract. You would need to do a thorough title search to find out exactly, but maybe that is the answer here. “et al.” means “et alia”, Latin for “and others”.