Tract Map location help

Where can you find a map of tracts - for example The Oswego Unit in Logan County. OSO sent us formulas on how our royalty is calculated - and they have it by tract. I have researched well docs on OCC- I have gone through OCC dockets, still can’t find anything .

Thank you !

If you want to give your legal description, we can see what we can find for tracts that are a part of the Unit. The information has to be filed with the commission but finding it there is sometimes difficult.

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Go to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Unitization site.

There are quite a few Oswego units. Start simple with just OSWEGO in the unit name. You will see all of the Owsego units- then you can narrow it down. Type in your section township and range and it will come up with the ones that include yours. It is possible to have several units over the same section.

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@M_Barnes, @jennifermason, yes, there are at least two Lawrie Oswego Units in Logan County. Attached the tract list for the NW Lawrie Oswego Unit. Hopefully that is the one you are looking for. NW_Lawrie_Oswego_Unit_Tracts.pdf (32.6 KB)

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Thank you! I posted it below- PeterR had posted the tract participation.

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for. THANK YOU- Can you please tell me where you found that? The Oklahoma Corporation Commission transferred me to Kingfisher OCC- they are over the Logan County District and have not been able to find this.

  1. We own all 160 acres of minerals in 36 18N 3W SE 1/4
  • Their calculations are as follows- TRACT 22 W/2 SE 36-18N 3W
  • 40/80 x 0.125 = 0.0625 x 0.04074222= 0.00254639 is TRACT 23 E2 SE Section 36-18N 3W 40/80 x 0.125 = 0.0625 x 0.02493857= 0.00155866 our royalty.

Is this accurate?

My brother owns 80 acres and I own 80 acres-

@jennifermason, those calculations look correct and reflect that you have 50% ownership. The Plan of Unitization can be found using the link that @M_Barnes provided, Order 403591, Case 960002048, then the tract list is on pg. 43 of 74.

See the link to the OCC Unitization above. OGUnitization

Pick item 1637. Scroll down to Exhibit A to see the track participation percents. Copy those two pages for the list of tracts and the calculation method. Then scroll to the map and copy it. Tract 22 is 80 acres. Tract 23 is 80 acres.

The original well for Tract 22 is the Gooch #1, now called the NW LAWRIE OSWEGO U (GOOCH #1) 22-1. They tend to rename the wells to match the tract numbers. The well was spud 3/14/69 and was completed 4/1/69. It last produced in 6/1/91. It is plugged and abandoned. But if the unit is still online, you will get paid on the tract participation amount for all the other wells. It was recompleted in 1987 and lasted a few more years. Tract 23 did not have a well on it.

Not sure where you got the 40/80. The original well had no spacing, so I would have had it at 80 x 0.125 (a 1/8th royalty) x 0.04074222 (the calculated tract participation factor using their formula for net feet of pay)=0.00509278 unitization division order decimal unless you have less acreage. It seems to indicate that you perhaps do not own the full 160 acres of both Tr 22 & 23. Only half of it. Same concept to Tract 23. No old well, but you get the unitization decimal for all the wells in the unit. If you are looking at leases, they have the gross acreage, not necessarily your net acreage.

Are you aware that there are mulstiple horizontal wells in that section? They may have different Division Order decimals.


Ah, If you each owned 80 acres, then the 40/80 makes sense for both tracts.

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