Tracking Noble's info on statements

I have oil & gas (colorado) royality coming from Noble. I print out my statement monthly, it shows" well name" "production g & o info" and amount of the check for that month. In Colo.

i use Colo Oil & Gas web site to get api number of pacific well


Good for you. The statement should also show severance taxes withheld, state or county taxes, in any, and cost sharing item deductions, if allowed by your lease. You may want to keep track of cost sharing deductions monthly and calculate the percentage of gross production it amounts to. When shared costs got to be too high as a percentage of production income on a group of 20+ wells in Western CO, I complained to the operator and my client got a huge adjustment. Operator's computer programs concentrate on the operator's point of view and are rarely monitored from the mineral owners' rights.

Over time, you can use the API number to find out much about the well performance including production from the state records. Over a year, the cumulative production shown on your check detail should be in same ballpark as the production reported to the State. Paid production will usually be less than reported production but they should be close.