Tracking Mountain Lion 1-35H

Spent some time today going over mineral interest records and came across a company that paid my mother royalties only three times in 2018, U.S. Energy Development Corp. The well they paid on, Mountain Lion 1-35H (Pawnee County), wasn’t great, about $50 each for Jan., Feb., and March. Then we never heard from U.S. Energy Development Corp again. I did some info digging about this well and found it has been transferred twice since 2018, and is now owned by KLO LLC, but we have not received any other royalties on it since 2018. I should have looked into this sooner, but sometimes info slips by and so does time…maybe others here understand.

Martha or someone else who knows, could this mean the company who acquired the well decided not to pursue gathering from it because of low production? I didn’t find any production totals at the OCC Wellbrowse site (Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Electronic Well Data) for any years the well was producing. Why would that be? I also used the OCC Imaging - OG Well Records site (Test) but didn’t find any production info there either.

While clicking around online, I discovered a useful site someone here has surely mentioned before, but I’ll mention it too, Shale XP, which lists many oil/gas producers’ wells, and you can search wells too. They blur the “well status” info and you have to pay to get full access, but it’s good enough in its free form. I know there must be a way to see the status of a well at the Wellbrowse or OCC Imaging sites, but I can’t find it!

The OCC data base is useless for production.
Use the OK Tax site for production. It just changed locations. Here is the new link. Ignore everything about logging in. Go down to the lower left HELP where it says Public PUN Search. Type in the name. Mountain Lion in the “Search by Lease Name” click the round circle so it turns blue. Then go down to SEARCH in the green bar. Click on the Green banner, not the word Search. (It is a little “quirky”)

Click on the Blue PUN # on the left.

Click on the Production History. It is still online. Looks like it is only picking up about 100 bbls of oil every few months. You need to contact Fallen Timbers Energy and get into pay status. Set your minimum payments at $25 because it will take a while to build up to even that much. Something is better than nothing!
The Printable tab on the right gives a nice PDF to put in your files. If you want the production farther back than 12 months, you can pay a small fee to get it.