Tracking down mineral lease information

Hi I’ve just joined the forum. I’m starting to look at my mother’s mineral leases in Custer and Coal Counties. What can I do to , or where should I go to find out information on who is leasing? Is there a state registry or private one you recommend? Thanks for your help

The leases are filed in the county courthouse. You might try looking up her name at It is free to look up, but costs a small fee to print. You can also post the section, township and range in the Oklahoma Minerals topic area, Custer County and Coal county and people in the area may respond.

Thank you very much! Been a member less than twelve hours and already paying off. Thanks again

DO NOT send money to Oklahoma Mineral Registry. They will come calling. It’s a total sham & SCAM. Make sure your contact information is current with the county clerk’s office. Then landmen can find you if interested in obtaining a lease.