Townships vs sections

Can any one tell me what the section in a well location means? I have some interest in Sections 11, 14, and 6 of Grady county.

You cannot locate the property with only the section. It would be like finding you house with only the house number. You also need the Township and Range like you would the name of the street.

More advanced is what Meridian it is based off of.

See the link below.

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I just typed a long explanation here but I think it was lost. First, here is a link to maps of Townships and Ranges for each County. I download one here:

Okay, I'll try to send an explanation again:

Map locations are based on townships that are part of the surveying system for the entire Country. The information on sections means nothing without more information, as each section is a square mile and part of a Township. If you look on Google Earth at a County area, and zoom out a bit, or in a bit, you will see roads and fences in squares. Where there is farmland, it is easier to see than in cities. Most often, fences and roads follow the section lines.

Each section of one square mile is part of township. The township is 36 sections, or square miles. 6 sections on a side of the square. The numbering system is hard to grasp for most of us, so I just look at a map I have on the wall. The surveyors did this in the early days, setting up the whole Country in squares, and in Oklahoma I think it was in the 1800's. The Sections are numbered by Township and range. The numbers are based on the meridians the measurements start from, North, South, East and West. These cross each other approximately in the middle of the State. For instance, say your minerals were in Grady County, Section 15, township 3 North, Range 5 West, one might be, for example Grady County, Sec. 11, 3N-5W. This is, 3 townships North of one Meridian, and 5 townships West of the other. The entire description is needed, as each Township in each County has the majority of the numbers from 1 to 36. Some Townships may be in parts, not all 36 sections, where the borders are not exactly square. This is in most every County. So, the entire description is needed to get the real picture. Then anyone who needs to know the location can see the specific area you are talking about.

It is helpful to keep a copy of a basic township and section map, with the numbering system, and also a County map with each township on it. the attached web site can help for County maps I have copied and have had blown up, or just kept as documents for reference. There are many sources for maps.

I hope this helps, as I am not an expert, just another person who the Mineral Forum folks have educated, and are continuing to educate as time goes by. Good Luck !!!


Thank you Rick and Charlie for the information. It will be helpful.