Township 5 3W Sections 19, 30 Request to Purchase

My family just received a request to purchase mineral rights from Annatin Mineral Partners out of Oklahoma City. We recently leased the rights for $800 per acre. We have not responded nor requested their offer. Was curious if anyone has heard of this group and/or if anyone in this area has received offers to purchase and if they could share that information.

Misspelled company name. It’s Annastin Mineral Partners or Annastin Energy.

Lots of folks are trying to buy mineral acres in that area. In my experience, offers to buy are low to actual value, usually indicate someone knows something about future drilling and why would I want to sell if there is drilling coming? Your offer is based upon your royalty is you already have a lease.

There is quite a bit of leasing in that township. Most likely for horizontal wells. I just file letters like that and ignore them. First offers are usually low.

Thanks Martha. Talked with the landman at 89Energy and they say they are likely 12 months out from any drilling in that area.

89 Energy nor ENECO have yet to drill a well in Oklahoma. They want to force others to drill wells hence all of their filings. Doubt that they drill the section you have inquired about.

Actually, looks like 89 drilled quite a few wells in Canadian and Grady counties but Camino operates them now. Did they sell to Camino? Their website indicates they have horizontal development history so maybe for real?

Question regarding the comment “They want to force others to drill wells hence all of their filings” How does them filing force others to drill?

Gets the ball rolling, if you will. Others can protest, which they have, but at least the OCC will take into consideration that someone wants to drill. Really, the final say behind the scenes is the Oklahoma Tax Commission that wants wells drilled for increased state revenue. As always, follow the money.

Thank you for the explanation. :slight_smile: