Township 4N R63West Section 8

I have received multiple offers to buy mine and my sister's mineral rights at this location. Each of us hold 29 acres of mineral rights. The offers have ranged from 450 an acre to 2100 an acre. We have a lease currently with Encana and there has been very little activity so I am curious if anyone has any reason for this sudden uptick in interest? This is Townwhip 4N R 63W Section 8.

I don't see any new development in your sections. Few sections away, but not on yours. Be careful who you sell to, some of these companies are known for doing shady stuff.

Those offers seem a bit low to me...have you received any other offers? The area you are in have decent niobrara potential and the Cordell may be attractive as well...I realize that I’m a bit late in responding to this post, but if you are still considering what to do, please drop me a line and I will dig a little deeper in the geology and economic potential in that section.