Township 35 North Range 76 West 6th PM Section 22:S2

I have an offer for 1500.00 per acre for 10 acres from Cowboy Minerals LLC. I have no idea if this is a good price. Anyone have any knowledge to pass on to me? Thank you in advance.

That offer should be considered as THEFT! I wouldn’t accept $15,000 a net mineral acre. Infact, Don’t Sell!

My 11th Commandment is “Thou Shall Not Sell Thy Mineral Rights”!

don’t listen to people like the man above, just because he wouldn’t accept something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. I see his comments quite a lot, giving bad advice and giving other mineral owners unrealistic expectations for their minerals worth. I can tell you that area is nowhere near 15k. The $1500 isn’t a bad price depending on if your held by and old lease or not. it all depends.

I certainly would not accept 1500 per acre this is not even good lease bonus pricing. There is a horizontal Shannon well in section 21 which has been producing and a recent vertical well in sec 22 that is producing from the Shannon. I wouldn’t be surprised if a horizontal well is drilled in the future.


Despite what a few other commentors have posted, your minerals are not in a favorable location relative to other regions in Powder River Basin. They are located just west of the basin axis which means the geologic setting of your minerals are significantly different than the more expensive areas further east. A map below shows the current status of well activity in your area (highlighted in blue).

The post above references a horizontal Shannon well in Section 34. Below you can see the the performance of the well which is not good when taking into account the current horizontal well cost in this area. (had to put it in a following post as the forum only allows one image per post)

Each individual has different financial situations and if you have the luxury, I would suggest you hold your minerals for now. Perhaps well costs will come down or a better well will be drilled which would increase your value. In my opinion, your mineral value has a greater chance of going up than it does going down with all things considered. However, your current offer is not unfair based on the current economics of the area.

I hope this information helps.


Referenced photo of horizontal Shannon well from my original post:

Thank you Craig. Anyone familiar with Southwestern Production Corp? They are contacting all royalty and overriding royalty interest owners (myself included) inviting us to commit our interest to a Unit agreement. This agreement is for us to allow drilling for natural gas. Would benefit from this?