Township 25S Range 35E Lea County

We’ve been getting offers to buy sections 10 and 11. Does anyone know that is going on in that area? Any plans for new well(s)?

Hi Laura,

COG spud a well called the MONTERA FEDERAL COM #601H in Section 10 T-25s R-35e. There is no completion information yet on the site I use to look at our NM interests. This well was spud or drilling commenced, in February 2021 and started producing in August 2021.

Are you receiving royalties on a well that started producing in 2018? The MONTARA FEDERAL 023H?

Both wells are producing nice quantities of oil and gas.

This is a federal lease I might add. Meaning unless you have a working interest you probably have an Over-riding royalty interest.

Last thing is do you own an interest in the entire section of Section 10? Section 11 has no new drilling as of yet, and according to the site I use, has had no production since 1990.

There are a bunch of wells that penetrate Sec 11. Surface hole location in Sec 2. Franklin Mtn Carnival, County Fair, Parade etc. Some in W/2 drilled in last 6 months.

In short, Sec 11 has established production and then new wells. Sec 10 has a bit of old production and then has speculative future drilling.

There is a mix of Fed and Fee in Sec 10 and 11. Fed is NM 101608. Cross hatched. I assume you own in the Fee.


Can you tell me if there is any drilling in Section 10, T16S, R37E. ?

Had an offer then Land man retracted the offer.

Any news In Lea County drilling on or close to Section 10, T16S, R37E

I don’t see anything near/close to 16s37e Sec 10

I see 10 leases in Section 10 in the last 6 months, and quite a bit of activity nearby. The orange symbols are leases:

All the Section 10 leases I could view, were with SR Permian of Lovington NM as grantee, and covered the South half of Section 10 as well as other sections.