Township 17N, Range 3 W. Section 17

My family owns property in Logan County in the above location, both the surface land and mineral rights.

We have recently been contacted by Digital Land Consultants LLC to lease our mineral rights. The contracts originate through Sendero Land Company LLC.


Does anyone have experience working with this company?

Who else owning land and/or mineral rights in Township 17 N, Range 3 West has been contacted by this company or other companies looking to lease the mineral rights and drill for oil or gas?

What is the going rate for the Lease terms that you've experienced recently?


Bob Stobaugh

Further, the lessee on this offer is Osage Exploration & Development, Inc,. out of San Diego, CA. Anyone worked with them or been contacted by them recently to lease mineral rights?


Osage Exploration & Dev. drilled the Wolfe 1-29H and the Krittenbrink 2-36H in Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 in Logan Co., both are horizontal wells going in for the Mississippi. Don't have the legals on these, but it may be worth looking them up. Osage is a new company and is in partnership with US Energy and Slawson Exploration with these well. I just found the article online a few days ago.

I just found out a little info, Sendero in Edmond OK, according to my source, is set to drill in this area February. I only recently found out about any of this, and hav a part interest in a quarter section of land in Logan County. Up until now, since we are a military family and move around a lot, it is my understanding Sendero has been searching for me, but I will tell them today that their search is over. LOL All I know is that this is one of the biggest discoveries in the US, and rumors even suggest that it alone could rid us of our Arabian Oil dependency. We shall see what we shall see. My main concern is that it took God many years to create this stuff under our feet, and so we need to be appreciative of how we handle it.

The Wolf 1-29H is in Sec 29-17N-3W