Town Hall August 23, 2023 Ada, OK

I will be team teaching a town hall in Ada next week! I am a geologist and OK NARO Director), Jackie Harp (attorney and OK NARO Director) and Scott Manning (landman and OK NARO President). We are serving a light dinner (thanks to Katy Alven- OK NARO Secretary) and teaching on Managing your Minerals. If you are an OK NARO member, you should have gotten an email blast. If you are not, call the number below to register.

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Wish I lived nearby! Wouldn’t miss it! Any chance of it being recorded? Ruth Jacobs

Oh darn, I would love to be there. What a great agenda! Won’t make it from on time from Phoenix ;).

Please come to Austin, Texas or San Antonio and give a seminar like this !

It will be well received…

We plan on doing the first set of four townhalls “live”. This year is the SW quadrant of OK (Feb was in Chickasha) and SE quadrant of OK (Ada). February 2024 is planned for the NE quadrant in Tulsa, so stay tuned for that one. The OK state convention is in April/May time frame, so much of the data will be available there. The last one is planned for August 2024 in the NW quadrant. If someone wants to volunteer to Facebook Live for us, that would be welcomed!

We would love feedback from the first four and requests for webinars which will be taped and available free for NARO members and $25 for non-members, but the fee will be refunded if you join NARO.

The four of us are all directors for NARO with different specialty areas, so available for questions afterwards.

Texas NARO does their own webinars and town halls. Watch for info on the Midland town hall/golf tournament in November!

Sorry that I cannot attend because of other schedules. Will this be available for viewing on the NARO site after the event?

I would also like to have access to these town halls, as a way to be better informed, learn, and earn credits for future RMM and CMM requirements. I’m more than willing to pay a nominal fee (or larger for a state or national convention), even as a NARO member, as it’s easier than traveling from a long distance! Would like to see that for some of the conventions! I hope it might be considered.

Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely check into getting these “filmed” for the future.