Total value of Marcellus Shale in Mahoning County Ohio per acre

I have some property that was under a lease and production with enervest energy of WV. I have recieved no royalties in my 12 years here, (That is not the problem and I really don't care). The way I found out it was under production is when I tried to lease it for the current gas/oil boom in NE Ohio to Chesapeake. When I bought my property the title company had no mention of an oil or gas lease on the property that was originally signed in 1969. I bought the property in 1990 so the lease at the date of sale was 31 years old and the tile people should have caught it. Without going into a ton of detail I filed a claim with the the tile insurance company in order to be reimbursed what I would have got with the lease, bonus and royalties. What I need to know is with current lease rates and royalties what would you guess my income over the life of the well would be if I was not tied into another company from the previous owners.