Top secret gas sales

Got an answer back from r–cliff. the places they sell my gas is so secret that they can’t tell me who they are. Sounds like they don’t want me checking. How are you suppose to know what you have coming? Trust THEM. What do ya’ll think? appreciate any feed back. Have a great day.

Exactly what is your question? For effective responses, you need to post your question in the county and state where your minerals are located and identify the operator and wells.

The terms of the gas purchase contracts (including the price) between an operator and the gas purchaser are often considered proprietary and are not usually shared. You won’t know what you are getting until you get your check. You can probably get an idea in Texas by taking production shown in the Railroad Commission production report for the month in question and multiplying production times the price of gas online (for example the Energy Information Administration or at the gas hub nearest your well) times the ownership percentage in your division order. However, be aware that the price the operator gets under the contract may vary substantially from the price you can find online. Might be more, might be less.

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Thank you AimeeHess. Appreciate your input. when you’ve been lied to like i have from the operater. You question everything. thanks

I suggest you never spend in anticipation of the check because sometimes they don’t come. I have had SM Energy throw a check in the mail without out postage, I mean never had postage, stamped return to sender no postage that bounced around the mail system, looked like it had been chewed by a dog and was eventually delivered, still sans postage 23 days later than usual.

wow !! Went postal pipeline. i do direct deposit. always there. that’s a funny story now. probably not so much then.

I was suing them and not cashing them, but for that reason, I didn’t want anyone else cashing them either.

As I also said, there can be reasons you don’t get a check. No production for a month because of a workover is one. A chargeback against the gas price. They seem to save those chargebacks up and settle them all at one time and it can leave a dent.

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