Top Leasing Contracts

We currently have a lease with Big Star Oil & Gas which expires this year, and we have been approached by another company offering to top lease our current contract. Can anyone offer advice in this particular area? This company states that they have already been permitted to drill in this area, to begin in July the current oil company has not drilled at all. Would appreciate any input. Thanks

Arlou, if you email me the legal description (location) of your property I would be happy to let you know what the permits look like for the surrounding area, as well as give you advice on your top lease.

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Good evening,

The main thing is where it located at, my family owns land in Dawson county, we have 2 areas leased and working on a third, what oil Company is it?

we have one that is drilling like crazy and have hit 2 good producing wells for us in the last 3 months.

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