Top lease

Just wondering what would be a good top lease rate in 16-15-13 blaine county.

I am not a fan of top leases-my opinion.

First of all, check your lease and see if you have a top lease clause. If you do, then any final negotiations you do with another company, you have to give to your current company so they can meet or beat it. You have a time limit-usably 15 days. I never have a top lease clause in a lease. It also ties up your heirs and estate with some pretty onerous time deadlines which are hard to meet.

Second, if you do not have a top lease clause, I prefer to let the market conditions prevail when the first lease is done. I do not want my lease tied up by a top lease that may end up being lower than current market conditions. It could be higher, but that is a risk. I have heard recently of a family that had a top lease a year out that ended up being half of the going rate by the time the lease expired. They were stuck. If you have a top lease and then a whole bunch of new players enter the arena, you are cut out of the dealings.

Third, sometimes, another company wants to come in and top lease and makes all sorts of promises about "breaking the first lease". If you do that, make sure that any up front bonus is yours to keep. You may never see the second payment.

I don't like the clutter of all the what-ifs....

Those who are pro-top lease can give their side.

Thanks M Barnes . Still very uneducated on all of this. I dont know what a regular lease is going for in this area. the old vertical is doing basically nothing. I will keep looking for more info.

If the current well is still producing, you cannot lease again until it is plugged.

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