Top lease question


About 1 year ago I signed a top lease with provision for 50% bonus at signing and 50% when the original lease was busted. I got the first 50% and the top leasing company filed suit to terminated the original lease. The original lease holder then agreed to cap the well to resolve the suit.
The company with the top lease now says because of changing conditions they have no interest in the lease and without being direct have no intent to pay the other 50% of the bonus.
The top lease agreement said the second 50% was payable when the original lease was released. I think that has happened and I am due the second half of the bonus. Have I missed something?


I have have an attorney review the lease and accompanying materials. You didn’t mention where the leases were taken or where the minerals were. You may well have a claim for either the second 1/2 of the top lease bonus or cancellation of the lease for nonpayment. Seek help from an oil and gas attorney preferably in the state where the land is located.