Top Landman to hire Reeves County Texas?

Any highly recommendations on an excellent Landman?

Our little company has a Landsman that we would recommend. His company is R.King and Company and his name is David Nolan who is based in Austin but the company he works for is based in Wyoming. You can reach Mr. Nolan @ (512) 517-8629. We have been utilizing his services for a couple of years now, his rates are reasonable, and he is relentless in pursuing my goals.

Stephen Watkins

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Call Paden Penny 940-368-0451. He’s a great guy and lives here in Pecos. He’s made people a lot of money negotiating deals.

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Thank you i greatly appreciate it!!!

I would recommend Gary Williamson, whom I have known for 39 years. He is currently residing in Midland, Texas. He is as good as it gets. His number is 303-815-8259.

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