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I am executor for an estate with 600 acres if mineral interests in Toole County. I need to find out status of leases / production and get an appraisal on the following parcels - A) Township 34N, Range 1W, Sec 7: SE4SW4; B) Township 34N, Range 2W, Sec 10: S2NE4; C) Township 34, Range 2W, Sec 18: N2NE4; D) Township 35N, Range 3W, Sec 1: SW4SE4 (40 acres), NW4SE4 (40 acres); E) Township 36N, Range 2W, Sec 23: S2NE4, SE4, NE4SW4. Any suggestions on how to find out or who to contact?

I am trying to find a drilling company that may be interested in leasing the mineral rights we own in Toole County - any suggestions?

Anyone know if there is much drilling activity going on in Toole?

I've been meaning to join or start a Toole County group. Thanks for getting it started. Kirk, I am wondering the same thing. I thought there was some seismic testing going on just south of Sunburst a year ago, but didn't confirm it.

Jamie - we had a positive experience leasing with Quicksilver out of Houston TX

Looking for information about the Taylor Family Mineral Estate. Keesun Corp is suppose to have drilled and operated wells 3-17 Wolfe Natural Gas well and 4 others. I cannot find any info as to their status. Would appreciate some help in where to look.

I've done evaluations for another family mineral estate in Toole in the past year. Send me some legals and I will try to help you with some current info..

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment


you wouldn't happen to know anything about 17 31N 2W in Toole would you? I have a small interest in a current well. It generates about $10 a year, yes, a year. Obviously I don't want to deal with the cost of probating unless there is much more potential to the property.

17 31N 2W

The legal are SW/4SW/4 Section 8-33N-1W NW/4NE/4, N/2NW/4 Section 17-33N-1W.

Robert, Keeson is operating wells in both sections and posted production as late as 8/2013 maybe more since then. Wolfe wells in 17 and another in 8 with a different designation. Check with the State on most up to date status but your should be in the wells.

Gary Hutchinson

Thank you so much for the information. Do I write, phone , or can the state agency be contacted online?

Google the Montana oil and gas commission and pick the best category for what you want to know

Hi everyone. We are starting to get a number of lease offers on our Toole County property. I wonder if you sense that drilling is "picking up" in this county and wanted to see what people think of this latest lease offer we received: The legal description we are interested in is:

Operator: Fusion Exploration LLC

T33N R1E Toole County, MT
Section 27: NWSW

Gross Acres: 40.00 Net Acres: 4.45

OFFER: $25.00 per NMA, 5yr., 1/8th royalty

Also, Zodiac has said they have completed a 3D on the property. Would this tell them where oil and gas pockets are? Thanks again.

Zodiac hopes so but only drilling will tell for certain. Watch for new leases by Zodiac or its land broker.

Gary Hutchinson

How can we find out if Zodiac picks up new leases? Also, how to find out who their land broker is? Last question, are they looking in Toole County? Thaks Gary for any info you may have.

What is average drill time in Toole county? 7-10 days ? Thanks.

Does anyone know who bought out Quicksilvers Oil & Gas Leases? It looks like Anadarko is planning to drill.

I have been sent a lease offer that appears very low and for too long of a duration. Can anyone tell me what I should expect for a god offer? The property is Township 35 N, Range 4 W, Section 9: NE, E2, NW, N2SE, Section 10:E2 (640 Acres)

Offer: $15/acre for a 5 year lease with an option for a 2 year extension at $10/acre. Royalty 15%.

Hi All!

I recently inherited some family mineral rights. I've got a lot to learn, and I'm looking forward to it! Anyone out there having any activity around: Townships 36 Range 2 West or Township 37 Ranges 2 & 3 West?