Tonkawa unit 1 H


We did get our first royalties check so that was nice. I’m just anxious to see what the production from January going to be because I checked the CDP every other day and it was hissing away sometimes fast sometimes slow but always making noises so I believe that is at least one good sign. This was after the piping was pulled and replaced. Until next words Dusty the adventures of old Tonkawa just keep rolling. I’m having a blast keeping up with it. It’s a lot of fun and a few bucks for me. Lol



RRC is showing EOG reported December production from Tonkawa of 313,630 MCF but no condensate.

It’s possible that still isn’t a full months worth of normalized production since EOG reported zero production there in November. If 10 MMCF/day average is where it’s going to produce that would be in the same class as recent Chalk wells that Wildhorse and Geosouthern completed in Washington County but those wells also made some condensate.

Also have to wonder, if those December numbers are finally the true story on the Tonkawa why did they go through that year of secrecy and what’s the hold up on filing that detailed completion report they said they were going to send RRC several weeks ago?



Dusty 1, they had all the piping pulled and replaced in about a 3 day span around December 15th, 2018. I checked at the CDP and on about the 18th through maybe the 20th of December they worked feverishly 24 hours a day. The constant hissing and pinging started about the 21st of December. So to get the 313 mcfg that would be approximately 10 days production. If that is the case Dusty wouldn’t that be a phenomenal flow of gas? I know that I have went by the Tonkawa CDP and since January 1 up until today it’s been hissing and pinging sometimes fast sometimes in rapid succession but practically non stop. I think that next months report will tell the tale on the true potential of the Tonkawa.



Also Dusty I checked at the CDP from around December 1st till around the 15th everything at the CDP was quiet no noises nothing.



I’m thinking there is more to the story. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.



I know I have mentioned this before, but this well is not going to produce condensate, it is most likely a pretty much dry gas well. With any luck the gas may contain some NGLs, but I doubt very much.



When you receive a royalty check say mid February is that the wells production in December or January?? It’s with EOG Resources. I’m new to this and I was just wondering.




Once things get rolling the royalty payments will probably be for the second month after the production occurred. Like December production paid for on the check you receive in February.

You should be able to tell the time period it covers by looking at the information on the check stub. The heading on one of the first columns starting from the left side should say something like Production Month or Period. It may be written like 07, 0718 or 1807, for July, 2018. Your check may only be reporting royalties on the gas production since apparently no crude or condensate sales have been show from the Tonkawa on the first three months EOG reported to the state comptroller’s office. If a check also covers royalties on condensate or natural gas liquids (NGL’s) there will be separate lines for those production/sales amounts for each month. That month may actually be the month in which the sales were made that you are receiving royalties on but I think most operators refer to it as production month.

The first check you got probably covered more than one month since a couple of months are usually accumulated before they start paying royalties. EOG reported to the State Comptroller’s office that gas production in July was 92,352 MCF, October 104,462 and December 313,630. Those same monthly volume should be shown on your check stub, followed by a column that shows your share of that production that you are being paid royalties on. If the columns at the top of the stub don’t identify the numbers that are listed there there will probably be a code number and a list at the bottom showing what the codes mean.

It’s also common for royalty payments to include corrections because of sales figures, tax or other deductions were changed, sometimes months after they were first reported. In that case the original numbers and calculations may be reversed (shown as negative numbers) and the correct numbers then entered.



Okay thanks Dusty I always appreciate your help thanks



Anyone else notice that Tonkawa produced 682,000 mcf in January?



I am not sure where you got the number from, I have checked the RRC, DI, and CONG, none have any January 2019 production reported yet.



One of my sources gave me that. He’s been nail on. I don’t know if that’s 31 days production or not. seems that production would precipitate some action from EOG. Nothing else happening out there.



Did your source say if any condensate was produced in January?



Is 682,000 mcfg a good figure?



Dusty1, it wasn’t mentioned. I haven’t heard of any trucks hauling.



Thanks. I keep thinking EOG has kept those tanks on site for a reason but maybe it’s just dry gas like Reeves Rancher predicted.



I’m sure they placed them just in case. Of Course, there’s always a little condensate coming up with the gas. They may take some tanks away later if they don’t have plans for any changes.



Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the tanks are probably for water. On these Austin Chalk wells you tend to get most of your frac water back which can be very substantial (250,000+ barrels) along with the produced formation water which is generally significant as well.



Reeves_Rancher, What are the ranges of production for horizontal wells in the Washington-Fayette counties.




There are wells that produce all over the map, but the “good” gas wells range from 8,000 to 15,000 mcf per day for the first month. If the EOG production of 632,000 mcf for one month is correct then it would be one of if not the best gas well drilled in the area to date.