Tonkawa unit 1 H

Thanks for the update. I mentioned in an earlier post, based on the permitted total depth, this well should make it through Wilcox and into Midway or Navarro, but not to the Austin Chalk… unless of course they amend the permit.

EOG and Pallas have a history of permitting and amending the permit. Pallas drilled the horizontal on he Tonkawa and EOG completed it as a vertical. I have seen this type of behavior time and time again. Jack Stanley was a master at it. They di it to try and keep things hush on their ultimate plans so other operators cant try to figure out their plan and they rush to buy up the adjacent property. I have heard the target is another horizontal Austin Chalk well.

The Tonkawa well is still listed in the Tx RRC filings as a disposal well even though it has been producing gas for a long while. Records sow that well produced 6,500 MCF per day in August 2019

Oliver, do you think that They will go in a west, east, north or south horizontal direction and why did they create another unit within the unit?

My guess to somewhat answer your question is to understand where Pallas or EOG controls acreage near these two locations. EOG doesn’t report to owe or control acreage in this area based on their Investor releases of controlled acreage. I will say that if EOG believed that this area did not hold significant value they would not have laid a 9+ mile gathering line south down to Kinder Morgan.
At the depth they are drilling to (11.7K’) and based on other horizontal wells in the area, most of the horizontal laterals traverse south-southeasterly from the vertical well bore

From what I can get from talk of my neighbors etc the areas leased are mainly to the northeast and southeast areas around the existing Tonkawa unit. The lease I signed was 3 years with the option for 3 additional years. Since I am in the existing Tonkawa unit I don’t lease anymore but all my neighbors out of the unit to the east end south have all gotten checks for extension of the lease.

Hi Hottshott, Interesting. Today I received a certified letter from EOG in the mail containing a very small check for a very small fraction of my families’ total net acreage in the Tonkawa Unit 1H. The letter was signed by a Sr.Title Analyst who stated the check amount was to extend the primary lease another 3 years. I was not expecting to get a lease extension notice at all since I am already in the Tonkawa Unit 1H so I’m not sure what this is about. I plan to call the Title Analyst on Monday to see what he says. Not sure this is a good or bad thing.


I am just speculating here buy maybe not all of your acreage was included in the Tonkawa Unit so they are extending the rest of it?

Also received a check for an extension. I assume they will be drilling another well in that unit.

If you guys got division orders and have been receiving royalties you should be able to tell from the decimal interest you are being paid on whether all of your lease acreage was included in the Tonkawa unit.

Ok. I talked to the EOG POC today and that is exactly what it was. Apparently a small fraction of our acreage was not in the Tonkawa Unit so they wanted to extend the lease another 3 years for that very small amount. I guess I need to pay more attention to the small stuff after all. ha ha

I would compare description of the metes and bounds of the unit to the description of your lease to determine if any portion of it are included in the new well. If uncertain I would call EOG and ask directly. You should be able to access the EOG RVW Trust unit from description from Tx RRC website

Yes because they obviously are paying attention

Oliver, no, my 0.251 acre did not make it into the 66.50 acres included in the RVW Trust unit on file on the TX RRC website.

Hottshott… there was a flame from the rig yesterday… this is good… correct?

If that is the case they obviously feel they will drill the area out further beyond just these 2 wells

Double trouble I’m going to check out the rig location Later this evening. If its flaring then yes it’s a good indication that They hit something. I’ll let ya’ll know when I get by there

It’s not flaring today… but most of yesterday A few trailers were moved out as well

Albeit that would be a quick drill time to do 11,700 vertical, they likely hit through a zone with hydrocarbon shows or they landed at TD and hit hydrocarbon shows which they flared off. Do you know what they are powering the rig with? Diesel or Natural gas?

Went by there earlier this morning. The rig, trailers etc are all gone. Only remaining is about 7 looks like 10 ft wide by maybe 60 ft long metal containers. Man, they must have been in a big hurry to drill down that deep so fast. It’s got everyone in the surrounding community stumped. Any ideas anyone? They should have named this site Mystery Unit instead of the Tonkawa etc. Its been nearly 3 years a mystery as to what is actually going on there.

Pure guess but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see another, larger rig show up there.

Since that first one apparently was in and out very fast is it possible it was a portable rig used to spud the well and set the surface casing?

I’ve been figuring this is another EOG research well, like the first one they drilled in the name of Pallas, and that it would go through a lot of different stages…all kept under cover. After all they went through the first time I can’t picture how there could still be more data they need to obtain with a second one. The other part I’d still like to hear someones opinion on is how they were able to form a small vertical unit within the boundaries of the existing Tonkawa unit. Only basis for that I can see is that it is targeting an entirely different payzone.