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i have one sixth the minerals and surface of 5700 acres nine 640 acre tracts in the family since the 18oo's two secions have huge wells about 11 wells and strange but 10 are capped and why? i have family members that come down to sibling rivalry and they keep quiet about everything so i am totally out in the cold accepting these little royalty checks yet the wells are all great in size and i have condesate also butt i wish i could get a grip on any monies owed to me or any surface damages owed to me or shut in payments owed to me ....examply if it costs a few million to drill a well why would they keep drilling and capp at least 10 wells? could they be sending the money to another address with royalty i suspense? i feel i am being cheated what to do? peter francis and my land is in sutton county not far off and i use to see this area listed in the san angelo drilling logs....


Whoever is managing your surface should have the answer to the surface damage question, or is in the probate/title paperwork for your surface rights. For minerals do you have the Block, Survey, Section, abstract information? Also on your checks you will see an API number and for Tom Green county in Texas it starts with 42-451-##### and Sutton I think is 42-435-#####. With that you can check the Texas Railroad Commission and find the production totals for those wells.


Do you have a executor for the mineral rights for setting up leases. They would have your information as well. You need this for Steven or others to help you out. I just look for oil and gas before the leasing and then I use land men or operator to secure the lease. It looks like it is time for a family reunion to settle things cleanly.

I have recently become involved in the developments in North West Tom Green County, and was wondering if anyone here is familiar with developments in the area. It seems that it is just south of some holdings of Devon's and Oxy but I am interested in acquiring more information.

Anyone know current rate for water sales to Oil Company in Tom Green County?

James O'Sullivan

I have some familiarity with NW Tom Green activity. I sent you a friend request, if there is anything I can help you with.....let me know.


Can anyone recommend a Land Man for Coke County?


My brothers and I own about a quarter of the minerals on a 280 acre tract in Abstract 1965. We have owned this since 2001 and looks like there are or have been a number of wells within several miles of this location.

Looking for activity in the county.


We have mineral interest on a property in Tom Green county that we have owned for generations(minerals only not the land). The property had two wells that were plugged in early 90s. Would a company come back in that area redrill after that long? Since there were producing wells in the past.

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