To sell royalties or not to sell

Harrison County Oil and Gas Royalties October 2020 My sisters and I inherited mineral royalties (small percent) on several acres in Harrison County, Texas. Our royalty checks have become very small each year. Lately we have been receiving several offers to purchase them. Does anyone know of potential increased activity in this area? Second-how can we determine what a reasonable offer is? Thanks-Gloria

If you have received offers from several companies then there is probably a reason that they want your minerals and they intend (hope?) to make a profit off of you. You would need to give an abstract # to get a better answer from someone familiar with the area.

Harrison County has been very active over the last couple years - particularly the SE part of the county - and I wouldn’t sell minerals there if I had them.

That being said, if you don’t like owning minerals or need cash in a bad way you can always sell them. My experience has been that the best pricing for selling minerals / royalties is by listing on an auction website.

Can either of you provide the websites for auctioning my mineral rights, please. My sisters and I are contemplating this option the first of the year. If you have any other helpful advice on this procedure we would appreciate it. Thanks

Gloria2020, Our story is somewhat like yours,this is how I handled it. We got first offer in 2018 after inheriting our minerals it was 25,000 for my 1 sixth of 1% I thought wow that doesnt sound bad but I told the buyer I thought mom had been offered 250,000 for the 1% a couple years earlier, he said he would get back to me and within 15 minutes offer went to 54,000 for my 1 sixth there are 6 kids, so I thought that went up pretty fast lets see what happens, now at this time each of us are getting 30 a month royalties. We got more offers so over the next year I worked the offers against the buyers, now I knew nothing about the mineral world but with the help of alot of people on the forum and some dumb luck I brokered a deal with one of the buyers for just under 1 million dollars with 5 out of 6 selling just half of our 1 sixth! It was a blast going through that year. It was fun and scarry because we never got a lawyer involved but with help from the forum gurus it all worked out the most important part in selling is paying attention to the language of the buyers paperwork they can be sneaky. Im telling you this story because I dont want you to give away your minerals, work it and have fun. TimmyD.

If you decide to sell, be very careful and do not hand over the deed without getting payment. A third party such as an accountant or attorney can hold the deed until the payment is received.

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