To Sell or Not To Sell

I'm recieving several offers to purchase my mineral rights. I think it would be foolish to sell them, as I've leased them 3x in the last 10 years. With that said, the offers are getting better and better. I'm new to the site and have read through most the discussions. The majority of my acreage resides in Section 33-01N-01E. Does anyone have any drilling activity info or prospect info in this section. My family's farm was in this area so the minerals have been passed down. 21-01N-01E might fall into the same spacing or at least seems to be attracting some activity interest as well. I assume everything I inherited is from the same farm and in the same general area.

I've also been recieving Emergency Orders from Continental Resources regarding spacing and a contracted rig from H&P. I can only guess that they will be be drilling soon, and wondered if anyone knows how this area is producing. Again, Any info would be much appreciated.


Graig..where would this be located close to as far as towns?

If you follow I35 all the way South of Garvin county, then follow highway 7 west on this map. Pretty sure my property is around where the map says Hoover.

So east of Hennepin, west of I35, off highway 7

Gots ya! We go down through that way some but haven't been in a while so don't know what all is going on but if we do go anythime soon, I'll report.

Great, thanks. I believe the paper work said it was an H&P rig #375 but Continental Resources was waiting on some order before drilling. I have no clue what it means I’ve seen this happen several years ago but the company went bankrupt before anything happened.

Craig - Continental spud a well in 33-1N-1E on 12/18/13. It will likely be several months before results come out and could very well be a year before royalty payments commence. However there is drilling in progress and future royalty off that well is all but a certainty. The only question is how much at first and how much of a decline thereafter.

Great News. Thanks for the info.

Graig...I don't think you have to worry about Continental going bankrupt. lol Not in our lifetime anyway:)

Craig, Continental is drilling a multi-unit well from 28 into 33. It is planned to go into the Miss, Woodford and Hunton underthrust. This is nice little condensate window in the Woodford. It is in a little valley between two huge thrust faults. Arbuckle uplift to the south and the Pauls Valley uplift to the north. This will be an interesting well and could send the lease prices upward in the general area if it is successful. There are some shallow fields in the area, but this is the first well in the deeper play. Being the first well has its risks as well. Cross your fingers! I attached a map (hopefully). Look in the very far lower right corner where it says Washita Valley between the orange mountains. This is where you are.

If I were you, I would not sell. The Mackey 1-28-33XH spud on Dec 18. It will be about six months after the well is completed before you get a check.

2095-WoodfordShalestructuremap.png (567 KB)

Great info! I really appreciate it. Fingers are crossed.