To Ralph:

I am in and out of site while printing, you can post your question here or send me a message and or email with your question. Read Admins message we have to go through discussions and not comments as people are getting updated all the time with our chat back and forth


This goes to ALLLLLLl of us also; please exchange emails and do this personally, Thank You, dctex99

Joel, we leased w/empire oil too.BTW whats an NMA in referrel to an earlier post

Unfortunately for those seeking to learn about leasing, it is a mix of several things.. The nuances of leasing are many, a mix of technical details about leases and locations, information about owners and present day family members, political influences, info on the companies which we have to deal with... "Chit Chat" is another word for getting to know your neighbors and also a VITAL part of the intent of this forum. I have seen and participated in many forums and find this forum to be the MOST difficult to follow "threads" or "replies to discussion" that I have encountered. Something about the layout of the site.... I would have never seen this post by dctex99 had my attention not been called to it. Going "UNDERGROUND" to personal mail with ANY of the above types of information TOTALLY DEFEATS the purpose of the forum. I have never minded the many email alerts and do not let them "bother" me as it is far easier "on this site" to simply go to the main forum page by any link in the alerts and page forward or back to find the post that is of interest to me. In America... last I knew we have a right to FREE SPEACH. Quite possibly those of you who are COMPLAINING do not care if
Ethel's only surviving relative is Bert or Barry.... I DO..with that information removed the forum loses much of its value and you might as well find yourself a landman and forget it. Perhaps a new forum should be created so that the COMPLAINERS can have the forum to themselves and cleaner email boxes to boot! I for one suspect that there will be very little information offered up for the forum as a whole in the coming days....further more I SAYETH NOT!
To Dctex99 I have this bit of advice for you.................................... " !! " <~~~ would be very nice if you could, would contribute a little more than that.... just sayin...

OK I think I have 16 of those

I found the new yorker article of april 25th but havnt had a chance to read. It