I am knew and noticed there hasn't been any activity for this group for a while. We have minerals rights over in East Feliciana Perish that we ant to explore our options. as our 10 year servitude clock has started.

TMS is essentially a dead play right now. The past players (Goodrich, EnCana, Halcon, Sanchez, Comstock, etc) have either left the play or have significantly pulled back on their efforts.

Low oil prices and poor economics have put TMS Into Limbo as I see it

just as i thought. was just hoping that being new to all this and not know anything i was kinda hoping. but will keep my fingers and toes crossed. thanks


I own mineral rights in Amite County, MS (200 acres). I've to agree with Rock man, there is not much going on in the TMS, at this time, in my area - for at least a duration of a couple of years.

I tried to lease a mans 80 acres 3 years ago at $350 1/4 roy.....his attorney demanded 450 plus other demands. I said no-----. He never did lease. his attorney cost him ---- you do the math!!!

Bet I could buy it today for 200/ac-------I do not want it --- period.

interesting. thanks for that. got 10 years hope something pans out.

Greetings, there is current leasing activity in north Pointe Coupee Parish, some competing offers from landmen out of Lafayette.

Thinking this leasing is tied to Austin Chalk activity that has spilled over from Texas in Louisiana. Drilling horizontals and treating them like unconventional reservoirs, i.e. cementing in casing and stage frac'ing instead of only chasing natural fractures with open hole completions