Looking for a Landman to search title for mineral rights in Major County Oklahoma.

Private message me. I am a certified Landman in Tulsa, OK.

Mr Wilbanks, My father passed away and now we have an offer to sell some mineral rights, but we need to record a transfer of ownership at Major County OK. Can you find title for us and what is your rate? It's the SE/4 section35- 23N-11W. Some owners would be James Walker,Martha Walker, John Walker and Debby Brown. Thanks John Walker, 727-902-8399


SHE asked you to send her a private message... and it hasn't even been a day. I'm sure she will reply soon. You may try and send her a friend request and a private message.

Thought I was sending to Mr Wilbanks.

Not sure how to send friend request and it is Ms nor Mr. Thanks

Click on her blue logo next to her name. This will bring you to her home page. Then click on 'send a message' on the left side under her name. If you aren't already friends with Stephanie, then it will prompt you to request to be her friend. You can write her a note in that friend request. Something like "Major County, Oklahoma Title Research - Landman Needed' would help her know who you are and why you are requesting to be here friend. Best of luck.