Title Transfer help

I'm in the process of dissolving an LLC that currently owns an overriding royalty interest in about 40 wells. All except two, which are in OK (Creek), are in TX (Brazos, Burleson, Fayette, Grimes, Lee, Washington & Panola). Our operator told us that we would have to record at the county in order to get the checks switched over. I was told a landman would be the best sort of person to help me get this in order. Does this sound right? If so, any ideas on where I might find a good one?

You can mail the Deeds to the county courthouses and include return postage for your certified copies. Be sure to contact each county and get the full costs of recording and certified copies.

JC Independent Petroleum Landman

Dear Steve CA,

Mr. Clement is absolutely correct. You can do this yourself. However, if you prefer to outsource to a professional, our firm does this type of work on a regular basis, even down to preparing the Transfer Orders to be sent to the operator and preparing a database for your use.