Title search

Ms. Gallagher, are you looking for something from the last 20 years or so or do you need a definitive title search?

I currently have mineral acres leased out in in Burke and Mountail Counties. I am currently undergoing the process to probate my late parent's wills since the deeds to these acres are not in my name Unfortunately it is unclear if these acres are in my late father's name or whether they were owned jointly by both my parents. This is evidently important in order to determine if both my parent's wills need to be probated. Further, I just went through my late mother's papers and found evidence that there are acres in Dunn County also. I guess I need to do title searches in order to figure this out. I am having a tough time finding a landsman to do this for me. It seems incredibly costly and evidently takes a super long time to get this done. One guy told me that he guarantees to have it done in 120 days because he waits until he has a lot of requests in any one county. Evidently Dunn County will take a long time. I am wondering if anyone has advice or recommendations re: a good landsman. I have no clue what so ever if there will ever be any drilling done on these acres. I can't make heads or tails of the GSI map. I am going to have the probate done nonetheless. Thans

I think to start you need the legal descriptions. You can get legal descriptions from deeds or you may find them in your parent probates if any were done. Legal descriptions could also be found on leases, if the mineral rights were leased in the last 20 years those leases would probably show up in a search of electronic records, you can do this online for a fee of $25 a month with the NDRIN, which you can cancel after one month. Ms. Gallagher, I am sending you a friend request in case you are just reluctant to post your legal descriptions on the board. I'm not a landman but I may be able to help, best of all my help is free.

Tammy, first of all , condolances............ Hope you find out what you are looking for.... I have just gone through the process and as a newbie to this all, I find it intimidating. I now really do not like lawyers........ good luck with all your endevors Brian...